Trademark And Domain Name License Agreement

CONSIDERING that Biovail wishes to obtain a license from GSK, and GSK wishes to license Biovail to use the brands and product of the dress, in conjunction with advertising, promotion, manufacturing, offer of sale, sale and sale of products in the region; There you go. One of the most important concepts is quality control to protect the goodwill of trademark rights; A trademark licensing agreement is a legal contract between a trademark holder and another party who have agreed to use the trademark under pre-approved and established conditions between the contracting parties. The licensee wishes to use the marks on and in connection with the registration of a domain name or name (“domain name (s)”), as indicated in Appendix B and the contents of the website that are available in domain names (“websites”). (g) Biovail is not authorized and will agree not to order its licensed sublicensings not to use branded clothing or trade in products outside the territory. The brand should be in itself and never be combined or presented in the immediate vicinity of another company`s brand. In addition, the mark should not be used in a way that may give the impression that it belongs to a company other than GSK or that it is related to another brand. ZOVIRAX┬« is a registered trademark of the GlaxoSmithKline Group. The geographical scope of a trademark licensing agreement is another important element of a trademark licensing agreement since a licensee can license multiple takers, so it is important that the licensing agreement clearly defines the geographic areas in which the licensee can use the trademark. For example, a licensee may grant trademark rights to different takers based on the continent, state or city in which it is located.

This is particularly often the case in franchising agreements, as there may be several overlapping licensees in the same area. Therefore, the trademark licensing agreement must indicate whether the license is exclusive or not exclusive to the taker and whether the licensee can sublicensing one of the rights granted by the licensee. (a) Biovail uses brands and the dress to sell products only for the promotion, marketing, sale and marketing of products in the territory and in accordance with GSK`s brand guidelines, which are attached in Appendix 3 (these guidelines may be modified or replaced from time to time by GSK). Biovail agrees and agrees that it should only use each brand in its entirety and that it must not intentionally use the brands and the dress of products in a way that would reduce, damage, damage or damage the value in and on the brands and clothing of products. Biovail undertakes to use at least the same care to prevent the commercial or commercial value of brands and product holding that would be used by Biovail in conjunction with its own trademarks and commercial presentations from being reduced, stained, reduced or damaged. The use of Biovail`s brands and clothing products is expressly subject to points b) and c. 22. Succession and disposal.