Water Tanker Agreement

Water supply by tanker in the commune and outside the communal borders (2019-20) a/r and m/o on different routes during the period 2020-21.sh for the supply and operation of water tanks with a capacity of 10,000 lt. mounted on aunt 709 or equivalent to the manpower required and tandp for the dusting and washing of kerbston supplying drinking water by the tankers of Division 196 hubballi: the supply and transport of drinking water by road hauliers by the private agency, including pumping into the railway by aden/subdivision head tanks various technical works – 1) improvement of drainage and roads, Park, 2) maintenance of the water supply system, 3) drilling new boreholes and maintaining the water system, 4) providing water by water tanks, 5) maintaining night shelters for the homeless under the nulm system , 6) the construction of public toilets, toilets, 7) the provision of cc cameras. 8) Waste Management Centre. 9) Supply of ugd piping, 10) supply of drinking water by tankers, 11) well supply, 12) p…… Delivery of delhi jal board drinking water tanks at 656 mig houses (metro apartment) jahangirpuri. Supply and distribution of water by tankers in Kalewadi, Vijaynagar for the year 2020-21. Transportation of water tanks village virous under subdivision. The installation of a cab and door glass jar for all models of dumpern /water tanks, the disposal of dust recovery by the use of water ships on the office manager coal transport route to fly on deck and approaches to weigh the neeljay neeljay bridge of neeljay sub-zone of the neeljay area. Dust control services rental by mobile tankers on either side of the pwd road from the bus stop from the bus station to the amb on the river bridge to the umer sub-zone (for one year) (iind call) chimakurthy nagara pancha yat – general funding 2020-21 / next verse grant – provide transport of drinking water through cisterns in different stations of chimakurthy nagara pancha yat (2). Call )s m/o different colonies under dwk. Zone n/a ii m/o 60 mtr. 226 with rsp and average planting near Dwarka. (Metro line to keshav kunj apptt.

sec.-22, dwarka) 2) annual employment contract for the full supply of the central periphery and rsp, the supply and application of water by water tanks, etc. on site. Dy. dir (hort.) dwk/dda annual contract rate for the work of transporting water by tankers with GPS installation under the jurisdiction of the bamanwas sub-division. radhanpur subdivisions – the supply of drinking water by road tankers to bhabhar, devgam, piplee, various lcs bet. mitha (excl) too piplee (incl) for two years. Omni vehicle rental with driver, supply of foot-based sewing machine for bc nagar, rental of various authorized machines such as radiator/vibro plate/vibrator/tractor with ripper attachment/3-wheel 80-100 kn static roll/water tank 6kl capacity/pump set. 01 tractor commitment mizture machine/needle vibrator assembled water tank on the rental for drinking water supply in the village verendah under the rajmahal ocp for 365 days. Repair/change, regular maintenance/control of various assemblies/subsets of all amlohri project dumper/water tank models . . .

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