Indo Thailand Free Trade Agreement Customs Notification

– Table fans, of floors, walls, windows, ceilings or roofs equipped with a closed electric motor of 125 W or less On 16 April 2020, the Director General of the Thai Customs Authority issued Communication 81/2563 to introduce new tariff measures to facilitate importers` activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new notification replaces and extends to a previous one (Communication 47/2563), which was issued in March 2020 and allowed importers of Chinese products to file photocopies of certificates of origin instead of originals in order to benefit from a reduction in tariffs or exemption from customs duties. Those who use these measures must present the original certificates of origin within 30 days of the release of customs duties. However, the first notification only allowed the use of these copies for limited types of tariff and customs exemptions and proved insufficiently flexible in practice after one month to allow relief given the unpredictable duration and severity of the crisis. The Director General therefore published Communication 81/2563 in order to replace and extend the old communication. Although the new notification is similar in procedures and requirements, it includes exemption requests under many free trade agreements and provides an extension mechanism if 30 days are found to be insufficient. The measures apply between 16 April and 30 September 2020.b) The quantities and value of accessories, spare parts and/or tools are common business practices for products originating in the exporting domestic market; and (a) in accordance with the usual business practices in the exporting party`s domestic market; and “FOB” the onboard value referred to in paragraph 1 of Schedule I; refrigerators, freezers and other refrigerators or freezers, electric or other; Heat pumps, with the exception of air conditioning systems at No. 84.15, for practical customs clearance issues, such as. B exemptions and tariff reductions under the new declaration, the importer can provide a copy of a certificate of origin of any establishment that issues certificates of origin in the export country. This is the case for any establishment that has already issued an approved certificate of origin but has not been able to send the original to the importer in Thailand because of the COVID 19 pandemic. In order to provide a copy under these conditions, the importer must include in the import item accompanying the import an explanatory note stating that the importer “intends to use a copy of the certificate of origin for a temporary period and then presents its original.” The importer must also submit a petition using the form attached to the notification, along with a copy of the original certificate.

These should be presented at the customs office or customs port, where officials check each copy of the certificate of origin and set tariffs and values for goods, taking into account the conditions and requirements applicable to each relevant free trade area.